-29% CPU by replacing in_array() with isset()

After testing a data import feature, I was able to significantly improve a function that is called many, many times. The PHP application in this case uses double-writing because it is a progressive migration of a legacy. The data to import for the feature comes from a file and, for each l (...)

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Thomas Talbot -  
PHP-CS-Fixer fixes on-demand with PHPStorm

You probably all know PHPStorm. Just a quick reminder to start this article: PHPStorm is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) engineered by JetBrains for web developers. This full-featured web development IDE has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Recently (...)

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Mathias Arlaud -  
What you need to know about Symfony 5.2

Symfony 5.2 was released in November 2020, and integrates many new helpful features into the framework. You will find here our short overview of the best new features to know about this minor version. Symfony recently released its new version: Symfony 5.2.0. The Symfony Core Team and the whole (...)

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Jules Daunay -  
8 new features you need to know on PHP 8.0

Version 8 of PHP was deployed at the end of 2020. Five years after PHP 7, this new version has been highly anticipated by the community. Developers from SensioLabs prepared a one-hour training session about the new features you need to know in PHP 8.0. Discover our selection of the most in (...)

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Kévin THERAGE -  
8 talks to inspire you from the API Platform Conference 2021

The first edition of the API Platform Conference took place on September 10th, both online and at Euratechnologies in Lille. For the first time, the API Platform community gathered for a day of high-level conferences on this Symfony-based API framework. Several developers from the SensioLabs team at (...)

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Salah MEHARGA -  
Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching now available on SensioLabs University

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs has recently released the Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching. This 15-week workshop is the best way to get ready for the Symfony Certification exam.   The Symfony Certification The Symfony Certification is the only official certification o (...)

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A sneak peak into Symfony UX - An interview with Mathéo Daninos

Since the Symfony UX initiative, the Symfony framework has continued its journey to simplify the integration of front-end tools. Mathéo Daninos spoke about this topic at the Forum PHP 2023 in his talk "Symfony goes to the front, now it's your turn!". Let's take a look at the Symfony / front-end pair (...)

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