Since the Symfony UX initiative, the Symfony framework has continued its journey to simplify the integration of front-end tools. Mathéo Daninos spoke about this topic at the Forum PHP 2023 in his talk "Symfony goes to the front, now it's your turn!". Let's take a look at the Symfony / front-end pairing.

Hello Mathéo, can you introduce yourself to our readers in a few words?

Hi, my name is Matheo Daninos, and I've been a full-stack developer at Sensiolabs for almost 2 years. In life, I like sports (especially calisthenics and surfing) and many other things! I also really like Symfony, which is why I decided to give this talk at ForumPHP.

Can you describe your topic and tell us why you chose it?

I've been using Symfony UX for a while now. Symfony Ux has had a huge impact on me and my team. It's a brand new ecosystem, with a lot of work to do. My talk is there to encourage more people to give it a try and contribute to Symfony UX with us. Because it's all a lot of fun!

How can a Symfony developer easily get started on the front end?

The great thing about Symfony UX is that you're working on the front end without even realizing it. We stick to the values and principles that we're used to. So, I think you just have to let yourself go and dive into Symfony UX.

How did it feel to speak before so many people at the PHP 2023 Forum?

It was a great pleasure! I met a lot of people with great ideas! It made me very happy.

Our quick FAV question: Do you have any advice for people who want to get started or who aren't ready yet?

I think that you shouldn't force yourself, that you should take your time and above all talk about a subject that you love, because you won't have the same impact on your audience.

Will you continue to work on Symfony UX?

Well yes, I love it too much to stop, and there's still so much to do!