As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs has recently released the Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching. This 15-week workshop is the best way to get ready for the Symfony Certification exam.


The Symfony Certification

Wall of fame Symfony Certification

The Symfony Certification is the only official certification on the most popular Open-Source PHP framework: Symfony. The Symfony Certification consists of an online exam of 75 random questions you can take anywhere and anytime after purchasing the voucher.

The exam covers a vast program of 15 topics from PHP to HTTP, Twig, and more specific Symfony components. With so many things to know, the Symfony Certification is not very easy to pass. It is necessary to review every topic of the program in detail before taking the exam. Developers usually spend 3 months getting ready for the exam.

It can seem long, but the Symfony Certification provides many advantages. In addition to receiving their diploma, Symfony-certified developers get their skills recognized, and are considered the ultimate experts within the Symfony community. It gives a strong boost in a career acknowledging high-standard skills in Symfony and PHP. According to the final score on the exam, the Symfony certification comes with a level: Advanced and Expert. The experts have achieved the best results.

The Symfony Certification is related to a major version of Symfony. Before taking the exam, you have to pick the version of the framework you want to get certified on.

                      ,                          Symfony 6 certification


Getting ready for the Symfony 6 Certification exam

With the release of Symfony 6 at the end of last year, SensioLabs has launched the long-awaited Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching.

This workshop covers all the primary topics on the Symfony 6 exam. This training is ideal for all developers who already have an advanced level and want to test and reinforce their skills before taking the official Symfony 6 certification exam.

You can enter the Symfony 6 Certification Coaching at any time.

To anchor the skills, the Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching follows a blended learning approach with live sessions and eLearning resources. Thanks to that, you can prepare for the Symfony Certification exam without interfering with your job.

How does it work?


15 live sessions

Each week, you attend a live 1.5-hour session with a certified trainer. We deliver this course remotely. Each session is about one of the topics in the certification program. You will examine each topic, and you can ask your questions to the trainer. This course lasts 15 weeks.

In case you can't attend the session one day, each session is recorded and available to replay on SensioLabs University Platform.


A dedicated eLearning platform

A few years ago, we implemented SensioLabs University Platform to prepare our team for the certification exam.

All the participants of the Symfony Certification Online Coaching receive free access to SensioLabs University Platform. The platform offers many helpful features to keep learning between the live sessions:

  • You can explore the Symfony documentation reorganized in a pedagogical way.
  • You are also invited to take every day a 20-question MCQ based on the Symfony Certification exam model. It helps memorize what you have learned, and gives you data about your progress.
  • In the Dashboard section of the platform, you can track your results and watch which topics you need to improve for the Symfony certification.

After 15 weeks of review, the Symfony architecture, security issues, dependency injection, and forms, etc. will no longer have any secret for you, and you will be ready to take the official certification exam for Symfony 6.


Disclaimer: the Symfony Certification is for advanced Symfony developers only with at least a few years of experience. As a consequence, the Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching is designed for this audience. If you subscribe to our workshop, we suppose you already know each topic of the exam program. The Symfony 6 Certification Online Coaching is about reviewing all the topics before the certification exam.

If you need to learn more about Symfony or improve your skills, SensioLabs has a comprehensive training catalog where you can find the training course you need.